Looking for Korn Ferry HR Certifications or Assessments in the UK and Europe, then you have come to the right place. We are qualified to Certify your HR personnel to help them attract and build the right talent for your organisation. 


development solutions for your
business and people

We support organisations that understand the path to success is through their people. We help you identify, build, develop and sustain your talent to achieve your business goals and aspirations. We help you unlock the potential within your organisation


At Business in People we have proven expertise in leadership development, competency frameworks and performance management. We know how to coach you in change management to boost your business and use proven well established tools to support you.

Our approach is to transfer our knowledge and skills to leave a legacy of increased effectiveness and capability.

The ‘Challenging Conversations’ workshop for our Managers was fantastic. Best workshop I’ve been on in a long time. The use of external actors made it really challenging and realistic.
— International engineering group specialising in extreme environment components


..need all sorts of different training and development. We have extensive experience and can bring the best our of your team.

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Leadership & Talent

Discover more about the Korn Ferry - Lominger Leadership course we run. We also offer bespoke development and training

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Lominger Korn Ferry Certifications

...are the key to an integrated talent management, providing the common language needed to drive an integrated talent management system.

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Learning Agility®

...flexibility is the future. Learning Agility® is the critical factor in differentiating leadership success.

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Business in People Blog

...developing people is a fast moving, changing area. We are going to talk about new thinking, research, discoveries and much more in our blog.

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