We tailor team development according to your organisational needs and objectives. This could mean that a single intervention is appropriate, or that guidance through a multi-phased process is required.

Below are some examples of Team Development approaches:

1. A newly formed team needs help to clarify goals, get to know each other and become oriented with team purpose.

2. A team may need help identifying their team purpose, strategy and priorities. We run a 2 day mission, vision and bold steps process so that the team members create and commit to an agreed purpose, vision and next steps.

3. Team collaboration can be a huge step forward in achieving high performance. We help teams get to know and trust each other better, identify how they can work together more effectively and create a plan for effective collaboration. Teams need rules of engagement or ways of working, communicating, making decisions and dealing with conflict clarified. This is usually a 2 day or 2 separate interventions.

4. A team that is dysfunctional has to become effective, as well as develop and maintain team spirit. We use 5 dysfunctions to help the team move forward.

5. A well functioning team wants to meet periodically to go deeper into professional and teamwork issues.  This team development focuses upon group reflection and team cohesiveness, among other issues.  We have many tools we can use including MBTI, Firo-B, Hogan, Lego Serious Play, The Colour Works.

6. We provide facilitation for large and small meetings and can advise on a range of away-day/team build activities.