Korn Ferry Interview Architect® Certification

Your organisation invests valuable time and resources into the hiring process, wanting final decisions based on more than impressive resumes and positive hunches. You need to be confident that candidates possess the competencies needed for immediate performance on the job. However, typical interview practices do not distinguish performers from non-performers, often resulting in ineffective and costly hires.

Take the guesswork out with Korn Ferry Interview Architect®, a straightforward set of tools that are designed to:

  • Standardise interview preparation, execution, and evaluation at all levels throughout your organisation.

  • Increase the ability to select successful talent for every role, at every level.

  • Create a focused and effective interview process.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Those who have purchased Korn Ferry Interview Architect® products, subscription or license to ensure best practices using the interviewing tools.

  • Recruiters and sourcing specialists who want to sample Korn Ferry interviewing tools.

  • Organisational Development specialists who focus on talent selection.

  • Professionals in Human Resources who are continuing their education and certifications within the talent management field for formal accreditation within The HR Certification Institute™ and SHRM.


Experience Korn Ferry Interview Architect®, developed for use by human resources and recruiting professionals to maximise the organisational use of interview tools aligned with the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® competencies.

Public certification courses are facilitated by expert practitioners and recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management and eligible for continuing education credits. Information about how to claim credits from a public certification will be provided shortly after the certification takes place.