Predict who will become a successful future leader.

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) Certification.

Korn Ferry has carried out extensive research and found that all high-potential leaders are marked by seven essential signposts that indicate their likelihood of future success. Overall, the clearer the signal on the greatest number of attributes, the better the odds that he or she will exhibit superior leadership performance.

1] Formative Experience... more
Korn Ferry research has identified key career experiences that build the abilities of high-performing leaders. The more of these key developmental experiences a leader accumulates, the greater the possibility that he/she will be successful after promotion to the next level. KFALP measures core experience, perspective and key challenges.

2] The ability to learn from experience (Learning agility)… more
People who learn from experience not only glean multiple, varied lessons from their experience, they apply those lessons in order to be effective in situations they are confronting for the first time. KFALP measures mental, people, change and results agility.

3] Self-Awareness… more
Being self-aware allows high-potential leaders to understand the impact that people and situations have on them. They also observe the effect they have on people and situations and use that knowledge to manage and influence people. KFALP measures self-awareness and situational self-awareness.

4] Leadership traits… more
More than skills, traits are part of our personality. The more an individual’s traits align with what is required for leadership success, the greater the potential for future high performance. KFALP measures focus, persistence, tolerance of ambiguity, assertiveness and optimism.

5] The drive to be a leader… more
Leadership becomes progressively more difficult at every level, and the demands upon time and energy increase. People with leadership potential find the role of a leader interesting and the work of leading motivating and fun, which is crucial. KFALP measures Advancement drive, career planning and role preferences.

6] Aptitude for logic and reasoning… more
Successful leaders have considerable cognitive ability and are skilled at spotting patterns even in ambiguous, contradictory or otherwise “noisy” environments. This facility provides extra time to deal with challenges or to take advantage of emerging trends. KFALP measures ones capacity for problem solving and pattern spotting.

7] Managed derailment risks… more
Success in leadership is not just about what a successful leader does. Sometimes it’s about what they resist doing. Certain behaviours reduce their effectiveness and can even derail their career. KFALP measures volatility, micromanaging and being closed off.

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Identifying such high-potential leaders early lets an organisation deliberately develop future executives so that when a need arises, someone with the requisite ability is prepared to step up to the challenge. This is the only truly proactive way to manage a talent pipeline. What, after all, is the other option? Wait and see who has the skills to succeed only after they are already put in leadership roles? That is time consuming, expensive, and fraught with pitfalls. When sizing up an employee to gauge his or her potential to excel as a senior leader, organisations should look most closely at these seven facets above—all measurable using KFALP—that predict performance in future role.

Want to do the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential Assessment only. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Practitioners leading leadership development programs

  • Coaches responsible for delivering assessment results in a directive coaching format

  • Organisational Development specialists who focus on succession planning

  • Professionals in Human Resources who are continuing their education and certifications within the talent management field for formal accreditation within The HR Certification Institute™ (an internationally recognised certifying organisation for the human resource profession). Korn Ferry Certifications public education system is a recognised provider of learning that meets this requirement.

Course overview

  • Explore the business need and best practices around identifying leadership potential.

  • Obtain a common language and understanding of the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) and the 7 facets that comprise the instrument.

  • Determine how to engage with the global survey center to; identify all survey administrative options and manage your organisational implementation effectively.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence in the research methodology and science behind the creation of the instrument; reliability, validity, scoring and impacts.

  • Analyse, interpret and apply all KFALP reports accurately; individual, group and organisational reports.

  • Explore the structure and coaching methods for facilitating meaningful report delivery sessions with an individual or group.

  • Demonstrate clarity of the assessment instrument in a practice coaching session segment; for (in session) observation and feedback.

  • Determine appropriate next steps for individual as a result of their KFALP assessment participation.

Why Korn Ferry & Alison Grieve

Korn Ferry is the preeminent authority on leadership and talent. It has unrivalled data to cut through the noise and dissect the traits of superior leaders. For nearly half a century, clients have trusted them to recruit world-class leaders. The Korn Ferry Institute, their research and analytics arm, was established to share intelligence and expert points of view on talent and leadership. They aim to increase understanding of how strategic talent decisions contribute to competitive advantage, growth and success.


Alison, an independent qualified Korn Ferry Consultant, is an organisational performance and leadership development specialist with over 20 years of both operational and leadership roles in a large multinational organisation. She is also a qualified senior executive coach. Alison has extensive international experience having lived and worked in the UK, France and USA. Alison’s current passion is helping leaders develop their Learning Agility. 

What's included in the fee?

  • When you attend you will receive a comprehensive library of Learning Agility Architect support materials: books, whitepapers, workbooks, reference guides.

  • Two-day course materials and practice with the suite of tools, as well as lunch and refreshments.

  • Opportunity to participate in an individual KFALP assessment.

  • 14 hours of CEU credit hours through the HR Certification Institute™ and the Society for Human Resource Management.

  • Fees are due and payable at the time of registration. Additional logistical details will be sent with a confirmation of your enrollment.

Want to do the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential Assessment only. 

Programme Schedule

Here are some of the topics that will be covered on the Certification:

  • The facts about KFALP.

  • Understanding the sub scales behind each signpost.

  • Working with the global survey centre and administering the assessment.

  • Analysis interpret and feedback for KFALP reports.

  • Knowledge and competency in the research methodology and science behind the instrument.

  • Being confident with the reports.


Alison Grieve is a practical, experienced business leader with over 20 years experience in managerial and leadership roles in a large multinational prior to setting up Business in People. 

Extremely good training and worth while course which has so many applications
— M Thacker


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Public certification courses are facilitated by expert practitioners and recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management and eligible for continuing education credits. Information about how to claim credits from a public certification will be provided shortly after the certification takes place.