New Vision, New Strategy and New Concerns…

Every executive team with a new vision or strategy must ask themselves, “Do we have the systems, processes and organisational capabilities needed to deliver the strategy? How do we build needed enterprise capabilities quickly? Which leadership competencies align with and support these organisational capabilities?

We can help.

Leveraging Korn Ferry – Lominger’s STRATEGIC EFFECTIVENESS ARCHITECT® we facilitate executive teams in identifying current organisational strengths and weakness and creating a plan to fill the gaps. 

We are specialists in Korn Ferry – Lominger’s LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite of development tools to build competencies at every level in the organisation from 360° feedback, development and coaching to executive team building and identification of high potentials. We have many years of experience in designing and implementing Succession Planning processes and tools and working with clients to develop effective talent management systems. We can certify in the Korn Ferry Succession Planning Architect .

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Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential™

Are you harnessing the power of your highest-potential employees and ensuring your organisation’s talent pipeline is prepared to address your succession planning needs? Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential™ is a research-based solution for identifying high potentials that helps organisations accelerate succession planning and leadership development.

Benefits of assessing leadership potential:

  • Objectively evaluate leadership potential - Utilise Korn Ferry’s global scope and scale to accurately identify the individuals who can lead within your organisation.
  • Invest in the right individuals - Measure the seven key signposts of leadership potential, so you can invest in the right talent and target the right areas for development.
  • Take decisive action - assess leadership potential for a particular role or at a specific level

To find out more about about assessing individuals and receiving results in a directive coaching format contact Alison on 0778 856 5057.