The ViaEDGE™ Certification

Who are your future leaders, who will lead your organisation in the future? How can you identify these future leaders early?

ViaEDGE™ is a Psychmetric tool which easily and efficiently evaluates the leadership potential of large numbers of individuals, with the ease of an online self-administered assessment. Attend this Certification to:

Agile learners tend to know
what to do when they don’t
know what to do. They are
today’s and tomorrow’s
most successful leaders …
— Korn Ferry
  • Assess internal talent for placement and development of high potentials

  • Use in external candidate selection

  • Identify managers most likely to succeed in promotions, international assignments and cross functional moves

  • Confidently interpret assessment results and use them to drive succession management efforts

  • Be able to provide feedback & coaching on the results

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The viaEDGE® certification course equips you with deeper insight and meaning into the construct of Learning Agility and how to apply the approach within your organisation. This comprehensive certification outlines how to differentiate the factors within Learning Agility, how to accurately interpret assessment language and results, and how to successfully facilitate feedback sessions.


  • Obtain a common language and understanding of the factors within Learning Agility

  • Determine which jobs require more Learning Agility

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competence in the psychometrics and science behind interpreting viaEDGE®self-assessment results

  • Explore methods for facilitating meaningful coaching discussions

  • Match people to powerful assignments to accelerate individual development plans


  • Identify high potential talent and develop future leaders

  • Inspire emerging leaders to embrace their Learning Agility potential and develop greater leadership skills

  • Increase retention and improve succession planning processes

Who should attend?

  •  Talent and HR practitioners who guide talent management practices

  • Coaches who will deliver feedback using viaEDGE® results

  • Leaders and executive sponsors who have recognised and champion talent as the most important lever in achieving business success

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Public certification courses are facilitated by expert practitioners and recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management and eligible for continuing education credits. Information about how to claim credits from a public certification will be provided shortly after the certification takes place.