Voices 360®: Feedback, facilitation and coaching

Voices is Lomingers research based and experience tested solution for delivering 360º feedback that helps people focus on what is important in their career

  • Uses Lomingers competencies and career stallers and stoppers
  • Build actionable development plans
  • Equips practitioners to implement Voices and to facilitate meaningful and constructive feedback at all levels of the organisation
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Learn about the best practices for creating and delivering confidential, timely, and accurate 360º feedback using Korn Ferry’s research-based solution that helps people to succeed. Voices uses Leadership Architect® Competencies (characteristics generally considered beneficial to career success) and/or Career Stallers and Stoppers (characteristics generally considered harmful to career success) as the foundation by which important development plans are created. Highly flexible to your individual and organisational needs, this tool is the gold standard 360º.

Equipped with best practices for implementing Voices, you will be able to facilitate constructive and meaningful 360º feedback for all levels of your organisation.

Who Should Attend?

  • HR Managers and Leaders who want to understand and be able to implement Voices 360º
  • Professional Coaches who need to analyse and deliver 360º feedback


  • Understand the theory and research underpinning 360º feedback
  • Discuss and build on best practices for 360º feedback
  • Discuss how to implement a 360º programme in your organisation
  • Describe how learners and raters will use the Voices online survey system to provide feedback
  • Describe and accurately interpret a Voices feedback report
  • Be confident in coaching and providing feedback to receivers at various levels


  • Plan a learner feedback session and analyse a report
  • Help a learner determine priorities for short term and long term performance improvement and career development and create a development plan
  • Implement a Voices program in your organisation that is aligned with competencies and HR systems
  • Attendees will be equipped with the skill set needed to facilitate the entire 360° feedback process in their own organisation.
  • Receive your own 360º feedback as part of the certification process